Did you know there is a water hierachy?

12991021_1755746578002196_5544797040261425723_nDid you know that there is a water hierarchy in your body? It goes from your Central Nervous System -> Organs -> Muscles -> Joints/Discs in order of importance. In other words, if you don’t drink enough water your body will start to pull water away from your joints and discs aggravating low back pain or neck pain.  Drinking an adequate amount of clean water everyday is one of the most overlooked, and simplest ways of keeping your body healthy (for so many reasons). So what is adequate? Most sources agree that 10 cups or 1.5 Liters a day works. If you exercise heavily maybe double that. Of course height, weight, age all factor in. Most of us are guilty of under-watering so just start with drinking more of it, and have 10 cups a day be your someday goal. Be well. http://drjoshualongo.com